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Bugaboo - the best choice for quality

Bugaboo is the perfect choice for parents on the hunt for high-quality baby products to ensure little ones travel in style and comfort. This is one of the most popular brands among parents for prams, pushchairs and travel systems. Here at Kiddisave we offer a series of great priced Bugaboo products in a range of fabulous colours.

Why Bugaboo?

Bugaboo's travel system is a simple three part set, including car seat, carrycot and pushchair. The Dutch company is committed to manufacturing and selling the best mobility items that inspire families to get out and about and explore the world. Ideal for contemporary parents, these products will ensure your little one is safe and secure.

Pushchairs and travel systems

Getting a pushchair or travel system that ticks off everything on your list can be difficult. What you need is a one-stop shop, and luckily Bugaboo has something to fit every need.

Style, durability and safety are watchwords for the brand and Bugaboo is known for the security and choice it offers parents. The good news is that these products are easily collapsible and simple to store too.

Among some of the most popular styles are the Bugaboo Donkey and Bugaboo Bee travel system, which are available at Kiddisave.

Bugaboo Donkey - this heavy-duty carrier, that's popular with celebrities and designer mums ,will house two children and cargo goods once converted into one of its multiple positions. A wonder pram, the device is tough and dependable, giving little ones the option to face forward or backwards.

Bugaboo Bee - A three part set, this is one of the most cost-effective baby products there is - especially with the discounts on offer at Kiddisave. Bugaboo Bee strollers are also available, offering convenience and great design.

Wheeled boards

Any parent will tell you that children are unpredictable. They might tell you that theywant to walk somewhere but they're almost certainly going to change their mind at some point and could get tired.

Bugaboo knows this and has created buggy boards, combining practicality and entertainment. The boards add a stylish accent to enhance the look of a stroller. Children can play hard knowing they can go back and rest on their board, giving your family peace of mind to enjoy the day.

Little extras

The little things in life really do matter and parents will welcome the range of Bugaboo accessories available through Kiddisave.

Parasols - a must for an outdoor social event, these will ensure your baby is protected from the sun.

Cocoons - Perfect for keeping little ones warm during the winter season, these are available in an array of attractive and stylish colours.

Canopies - These will ensure you can go for a stroll come rain or shine and are crucial for baby, especially if your little one can only sleep after a walk!

Footmuffs - Tired of having to pick up your baby's blanket all the time? A footmuff will ensure your child stays warm and secure.